Is the MacBook M1 Good for Cyber Security Professionals?

MacBooks for ethical hacking

There is a misconception that a hacker should use a MacBook for hacking. This myth comes from the media. Movies such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, portrays a hacker using the MacBook. So, for someone it might look that the newest MacBook M1 is good for cyber security professionals. However, that is unlikely …

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The 7 Best Keyboards for Ethical Hacking

Best keyboard for ethical hacking

While having a cool looking keyboard is not a must for an ethical hacker, it sure adds you some style. But will it help you to become a better specialist? Just like the speed glasses does not add you actual speed, a glowing keyboard will not make you a pro hacker. So should we even …

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Is Penetration Testing a Good Career Choice?

Is penetration testing a good career choice

Getting out of a college as an IT graduate might be stressful. There are plenty of opportunities and chances to work in various industries while different interesting technologies. IT is always evolving and there are endless options where you can realize yourself. But with that many options, it is very hard to decide where do …

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