The 14 Best Books for Ethical Hacking

Best books for hacking

It does not matter if you want to be a bug bounty hunter, or get employed as a penetration tester, in order to increase your ethical hacking skills, you must constantly learn. One of the knowledge sources, are the books. So, today we are going to review best books for ethical hacking. I have read …

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How to Encrypt Kali Linux After the Installation?

Encrypting your computer disk is crucial. There is nothing worse than losing your personal data. Not only the data can be used to extort you, but you might immediately experience financial losses. That’s why should know how to encrypt Kali Linux after the installation? As the Kali Linux is usually used for working with confidential …

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How to Install Docker on Kali Linux WSL2?

If you are a cybersecurity professional, you are probably using the Docker containers constantly. Docker is great for pulling image of a hacking tool, running the container, and after you don’t need the tool, simply destroying the container. In this way you will save time that is required for installing each of the tools separately. …

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Fetch URLs with GetAllUrls (GAU)

Fetch URLs with GetAllUrls

Getting as much information about the target as possible is very important during penetration testing. If you are a seasoned bug bounty hunter you know that sometimes there are low hanging fruits. Hidden subdomain with exposed secret, or a password might result in a big payout. That’s why it is very important to find everything …

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How to Install DirBuster on Ubuntu?

How to install DirBuster on Ubuntu

DirBuster is one of the handy tools that is used during the reconnaissance stage. It helps to discover existing directories of the system. In simple words, it is a multithreaded application for brute forcing the directories. So, basically, it works like this: you launch the DirBuster, choose a dictionary, set the target, and launch the attack. …

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Cybersecurity for Dummies Book Review

Cybersecurity for dummies review

In this age where hackers are uprising day by day, you should be concerned about the cybersecurity. Every small detail from your daily life by using of the electronics could lead to a security breach. You might end losing a significant amount of money, or lose your private data. Moreover, without even knowing it, you …

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The Art of Invisibility Review

The art of invisibility review

Have you ever wondered how much information the internet knows about you? If you are a heavy internet user, with a track record of many years, there is probably a lot of data gathered about you. It might be by sitting in the servers of companies, such as Google, or Amazon (searching history, orders history, …

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