Cybersecurity for Dummies Book Review

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In this age where hackers are uprising day by day, you should be concerned about the cybersecurity. Every small detail from your daily life by using of the electronics could lead to a security breach. You might end losing a significant amount of money, or lose your private data. Moreover, without even knowing it, you might become a victim of a social engineering that leads to a hack of your company.

Each day we hear about yet another victim of such malicious activity, and there is not so much we can do about it. Cybersecurity for Dummies by Joseph Steinberg should be on your must-reads list. Because if it is not, then you are missing out on an excellent informative read. No one can deny the fact that Steinberg has outdone himself when writing this book. He has included all the essential info about cybersecurity in the most convenient way possible.

If you are afraid you do not have enough technical knowledge for such book, you shouldn’t worry about it. It is written in such an easy manner, that all the main cybersecurity aspects can be understood by everyone.

Cybersecurity For Dummies

This book is great for someone, who:

  • Is searching for a gift for a friend that is into cybersecurity
  • Owns a business (as most of the businesses could become a victim of cyber attack)
  • Is an IT guy who wants to learn more about cybersecurity


Joseph Steinberg has included all the crucial facts in his book. What type of attack you may encounter, their risk, and outlines. He has also done a fantastic job highlighting that most of the time, when cybersecurity is compromised, it is because of human error. The most significant takeaways in this book were the sections stressing the steps to protect your business and system from hackers. We can safely say that if you are engaging in a career in cyber security, it is a must-read for you.

J. Steinberg has shared the essential steps to take when one’s business is under cyber attack. It also discussed the ways through which you can minimize the several vulnerabilities in your system. He has also highlighted all the common human errors.

Additionally, this book describes how to create and implement employee cybersecurity policies. The author has shared all the tactics and strategies an individual must know about digital security in Cybersecurity for Dummies. He has provided his readers with all the critical tools and knowledge one must have to make crucial decisions during business needs and what must be done or not done when implementing a backup plan. These tips are excellent for small, medium, and large businesses and give us a lot to think about and use when planning our organization’s growth.

This book has also highlighted what type of companies will be at risk of cybercrime. These companies will meet a time where they have to appoint a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). He has dedicated a whole chapter to explaining this. In that particular chapter, you will also be guided on what qualities and aspects you should consider before hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). He offers non-technical executives and business owners the tools needed to hire, manage, and evaluate their information executives in his chapter on the job of CISO.

Bottom Line

Cybersecurity for Dummies highlights every type of cybersecurity problem an ordinary person or a business owner might encounter. This book is very informative and should be considered a handbook. It prepares people for all the potential risks one must take when under attack. It is better to be a fighter rather than being a victim. It is perfect a gift for all the new business owners, managers, as well as to any person who is always skeptical about their digital security.

This is a must-read book even for non-techies. Writer explains everything in simple words, so you should not worry that you do not have enough cybersecurity knowledge to understand what does the book talk about.

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