The 6 Best Masks for Ethical Hackers

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The era of streaming services, such as Netflix, has brought us countless hit shows. After releases of the famous series, such as Money Heist, or Squid Game, their fan bases increased in days. The increasing fan base of such popular shows and movies has brought prosperity to the fashion industry. Now you can find hoodies, t-shirts, pants, bags, and even masks for hackers, of your favorite movies and series.

Even thought the actual hacking is pretty boring and technical, being a hacker is something to brag about. If you are a cyber security specialist that wants to tell a world about it without saying a word, there are many accessories you can use.

Masks for ethical hackers are a fantastic accessory that best suits your Halloween outfits. Want to look extraordinary and mesmerizing? Just buy an amazing-looking ethical hacker mask and then spread your magic around the room. It is an easy and fantastic way to dress up for costume parties. Today, we will list the top six hacker masks that you can easily buy on Amazon.

So without waiting any further, let’s check out some of the best mask for ethical hackers right below!

Our Top Pick – 3 Best Masks for Hackers

V for Vendetta Anonymous Mask
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Rasta Imposta – Mr. Robot Adult Mask
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Money Heist Mask
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V for Vendetta – Anonymous Mask

If you are a hacker, your prized possessions must include the Guy Fawkes mask, also known as the Anonymous mask. This hacker mask is undoubtedly the most mysterious masked design ever. The anonymous mask was inspired by the best-known member of the gunpowder plot, Guy Fawkes. He became famous after he attempted to blow off the house of lords in London on 5 November 1605. This mask represents Guy Fawkes in the best way possible.

It has long been a tradition to use a mask on an effigy as part of Guy Fawkes Night festivities.

David Lloyd, the man behind the Anonymous mask design, stylized a smiling face with red cheeks, a wide mustache upturned at both ends, and a thin vertical pointed beard.

After the design became famous soon, it came to represent the many broad protests. This started after being used as a significant plot element in the book, called V for Vendetta and its 2005 film adaptation. It became a prominent symbol for the hacktivists group the Anonymous later on. They used this design in their Project Chanology – this project aimed to protest against the Church of Scientology back in 2008. The group opposed the Church of Scientology in response to the Church forcing YouTube to pull a video of Tom Cruise discussing Scientology meant for internal use within the Church. Other projects in which they used this mask were the Occupy movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, and other anti-establishment protests worldwide. In this way, the anonymous name mask came into being.

You can buy this mask easily from amazon. It is present in size 7.8 x 7.0 inches. It also has an elastic band that lets you adjust the mask according to your liking. It is made from high-quality thickened Frosted PP Resin. The mask is durable and very realistic.


  • Cool design.
  • Good quality material.
  • Adjustable.


  • Breathing through the mask is quite tricky.

V for Vendetta LED Mask

What’s cooler than an ordinary-looking Anonymous mask? The answer – updated version with led lights. Yet another best mask for ethical hackers. It is the mask design for our great Guy Fawkes. This man earned his reputation way back in 1605 when he tried to blow off the house of lords building. I cannot deny the fact of how mesmerizing and extraordinary this design is. All applause goes to its illustrator, David Lloyd.

The V for vendetta mask comes with extremely cool looking LEDs that are great for many reasons and looks great in the dark. You can wear this cool looking mask for various occasions, such as costume parties, rave festivals, carnivals, glow parties, might use it for celebrations, such as Day of the Dead, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, or use it as a component for a Cosplay costume. This is also a great gift for your “hacker” friend.

The led mask has three colors, all of them are LED: red, green and blue. Mask comes with a power block, that can be easily clipped into your clothes pockets, or it may be placed in your purse, or clutch wherever you find it comfortable.

2 AA batteries are needed for the item, which are not included in the package.

This gem comes with three flashing modessteady light, slow flash, and fast flash. Mask has light-up eyes and face so, this is really one of the best masks for ethical hackers, as it will surely make you stand out in the crowd. What is also worth mentioning that the mask is easy to wear and is adjustable.


  • Unique design.
  • Adjustable.
  • Suitable for most occasions.


  • It uses batteries that are not included in the package.
  • Power

Rasta Imposta – Mr. Robot Adult Mask

The third best mask for ethical hackers on our list is the Mr. Robot mask. For someone who is a fan of the hacker movies, Mr. Robot series should definitely be on the watch list. Not only it has a perfect story line, but it is amazing of how many details about the hacking it has. This is probably the most realistic show about how hackers work and what tools they do use. They even had external security consultants to make the series look as real as possible.

Some back story about how the mask had born:

The Mr. Robot mask came alive when a group named Fsociety was founded. It is a hacker group whose roots go deep in Coney Island. The mysterious Mr. Robot leads the group. Its name is a play on the derelict amusement park building, the headquarters of which resides there. The group is said to be highly secretive and private. They meet people in person in secret places rather than communicating through the internet. This group is most famously known for the massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that took E Corp offline. However, their attacks were blocked by Elliot.

Elliot and Darlene first created the mask. The idea of the mask came after Darlene found one in a ten-cent store in Chinatown on Halloween 2014. It was inspired by an obscure horror movie from the 80s that the Aldersons love called The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. We see a man in a similar mask killing Rick’s children in this horror movie. An extremely twisted plot for a horror movie, honestly. The mask resembles the Monopoly Man from the Parker Brothers game.

The Mr. Robot mask is available on Amazon at an affordable rate. You will not be disappointed by its attention-grabbing design. Surely it will turn several heads towards you. You don’t need a mask if you are a professional hacker. But getting one is extremely harmless. You will surely gain tons of attention if you tell someone about your profession. And if, as a hacker, you also have a cool mask that just increases the fun in your personality.


  • Made from molded plastic.
  • Cool design.
  • Adjustable.
  • Very high quality


  • It comes in only a single size.
  • You might encounter breathing difficulties.

Money Heist Dali Mask

Money Heist is one of the most famous Spanish Netflix series. These mouth-blowing, teeth-clenching, and gut-wrenching series had gained popularity worldwide. Each episode of this masterpiece comes with a different plot that makes its audience cheer and cry simultaneously. With the most mind-boggling story ever, money heist became the highest-grossing Netflix series ever.

We see our guy, The Professor, and his teammates using a mask in the series. This mask is also known as the Dali mask. Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali inspired it. The mask paid tribute to Dali’s recognizable visage that also serves as an iconic cultural reference to Spain. With the show’s popularity, the popularity of the mask also increased. You will see people wearing this exquisite mask casually on the streets. When coupled with the famous red jumpsuit, it gives a whole new vibe to its wearer.

You can wear the full costume at most parties, including Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter, Music festivals, protests, and costume events. You can buy them easily from Amazon. If you want to make a money heist fan, jump from excitement, give this job to The Dali mask.


  • It is made from durable plastic material.
  • Adjustable.
  • Cool design
  • Affordable.


  • It is available as a single size only.

Squid Game Mask

Another show that was popular on the Netflix, is the Squid Game. These South Korean series gained popularity worldwide in 2021.

The show’s breathtaking plot took the audience in great amusement. In the series, we saw some individuals wearing strange-looking masks and wondering where the show producers got the idea of designing such a devilish-looking thing? For instance, the matte-black, multifaceted mask worn by the villainous Front Man is similar to one of the biggest movie villains of all time: Darth Vader.

The contestants didn’t wear any masks, but the people running the squid game did imply how important it was for them to hide their faces. We saw three kinds of masks worn by individuals managing the games. One with the circle, the next with a square, and the third with the rectangle; every individual wearing the respective mask has their role.

The squid game mask is available on amazon made from good quality material. It is adjustable and perhaps the best mask for ethical hackers on our list.


  • Different types – square, or triangle
  • Natural material
  • Thin material


  • The mask is quite uncomfortable.

Poptrend Halloween Mask

Last on our list of the hacker masks comes the very popular Poptrend Halloween Mask. The folks of the internet gave the mask birth. Soon it became a worldwide sensation among people who appreciates masks. It is worn by individuals usually on different occasions, including concerts and Halloween parties.

Before buying any mask, there is always consider things to consider. The mask should be breathable. Yes, you read that right. Let’s say you see a very cool and unique mask online. You boy it. But when you are wearing it, you can barely breathe with it. Material is low quality, is irritating and your skin is itching from it. And there you go, seeing all your money go in vain. So before buying any mask for either online in person, always consider the type of material it is made of. It should be made from breathable and comfortable fabric, just like our pop-trend Halloween mask.

Available on Amazon, this mask is made from premium PVC and El cold light wire that will not give any type of UV harm. NO adverse effects on the human body. Environmental and non-toxic. not only this, this mask is not uncomfortable at all. It is a Padded mask fit for most adults and kids faces which is exceptionally comfortable and breathable.

It is a masterpiece that comes with multiple lighting modes.

The mask control has 3 lighting modes: steady light, slow flash, and fast flash. The mask uses batteries, that are in a portable box, so you can put it inside your pockets or bags. Mask requires two AA batteries which are not included in the package. Wear this mask on rave parties, discos, clubs, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve Party. And earn the attention of every single individual in the room.


  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Multiple lighting modes.
  • Unique design.
  • The LED lights are harmless to the skin.
  • You can choose from various options.


  • Costs more than other masks.
  • Mask comes without the batteries.


We have covered best masks for ethical hackers that you will easily find on Amazon. You will surely look good with these mask. However obviously, they all come with their pros and cons. In our guide, we have provided all the details that you need to know before finding the best hacker mask.

Thanks for reading!

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