Faraday Key Fob Protector Box Review

Faraday Key Fob Protector Box

The thugs are becoming savvy day by day. Do you want to stop these high-tech genius thieves in their tracks? Well, buying a faraday box is just the right thing for you. What is a faraday box you may ask? Well, it was invented many years ago – in 1836 by Michael Faraday. A faraday …

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SHA-1 is Obsolete – Do Not Use It for the Passwords

SHA-1 (secure hash algorithm) is a cryptographic hash function. At the time it was created, it was considered being secure, but nowadays it isn’t secure no more. The hash function, that was created in 1995 by US NSA (National Security Agency), is considered being vulnerable since 2005. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) had …

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Log4j Scanning – Check if You Are Vulnerable

Log4j scanning

Log4j vulnerability is one of the biggest topics recently. A zero-day vulnerability affecting widely used software component that is being actively exposed in the wild. What could be worse. Almost every big company having many different external and internal systems, is affected. Before it is not too late and the vulnerability is not exploited by …

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