OWASP Membership – Is It Worth It?

OWASP membership is it worth it

Probably majority of the cybersecurity (and development) specialists, know about the OWASP organization. Being out there for a long time, Open Web Application Security Project became a synonym for various security practices and vulnerable applications. As the OWASP is non-profit organization, most of the projects are led by the community. And the main brainpower behind …

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Sublist3r – Tool for Enumerating Subdomains

Sublist3r is one of the most widely used tools for enumerating subdomains. A Python based script that uses OSINT, can help you to identify every subdomain of the target. At the moment of publishing this article, Sublist3r has almost 6000 stars on GitHub. This shows that the tool is pretty popular and is one of …

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How to Install Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 4?

How to install Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 4

Long are the days when computers taking a whole room. were norm. Nowadays a fully functional computer can be fitted into a palm. The current technological possibilities benefit every industry. Cybersecurity is not an exception. If dedicated expensive hardware was needed back in the days to have a “hacking station”, today a microcomputer, costing several …

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